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F.A.Q. english


frequently asket questions

When sending in your Psion for repair, please use the repair order.

To which address should I send my device?
Rehbacher Anger 23a
04249 Leipzig
(see also the imprint)

How long do I have to do without my device during the repair?
If the damage can be repaired with spare parts in our warehouse, the repair takes 1-2 working days. In addition there are one to two days for the return transport via Deutsche Post / DHL.

Can I simply send my defective device to you?
Yes, with written repair order and please sufficiently padded and packed, as insured parcel. Not as a small parcel or large letter - since uninsured !

How are the repair costs paid?
We will return your device together with an invoice by post. You can pay the invoice amount within 14 days.

Do I have to contact you by phone or e-mail before sending in?
No, if you have no further questions.

I'd like to fix my Psion myself. Do you sell spare parts?
Except for the display cables for series 5 and mxPro, I cannot sell spare parts due to the poor availability, I only offer you a repair service.

Are the display cables for the Psion Series 5 Classic and mx/Pro identical in construction?
No, with mx/Pro devices, for example, the separate backlight cable is integrated in the 5-classic.

Why is the warranty for the display and backlight cables only 6 months? 
The cables are subject to extreme stress in daily use.
As it is known that the cables will break sooner or later under normal use (1 to 3 years), I can give no longer-term warranty on them.

Will the data on the device be retained during repair?
No, we have to open the Psions. The batteries must also be removed. Be sure to make a data backup. (Data backup and restore for me 10,-, incl. VAT)

Can you provide me with an exchange unit for the repair time?
Unfortunately not, due to the number of devices to be repaired, I am not able to offer you this service.

Is it possible to send devices from outside Germany to you for repair?
Basically, yes. From the EU this is no problem, from Switzerland for example the device has to go through customs (1-2 days delay) but that is no problem either.
Please enter a realistic value on the customs form (Euro 50,- per device).

How much does the return transport cost?
We charge € 5,- (incl. VAT) for return deliveries within Germany, € 19,- for deliveries to the EU and Switzerland. Worldwide on a time and material basis.

Which shipping service do you use?
We only ship by DHL.

My Psion is broken, unfortunately I don't know why, can you help me?
Yes, send in your device for inspection (€ 12-25,-, depending on the effort). After the check in my workshop I will inform you by phone or e-mail about the repair costs, you will decide it goes on.

Do the prices on the repair page include the installation costs?
Yes, the prices include the part to be replaced, the working time and the current VAT.

On the repair page there are no prices for Series 3.
Unfortunately, due to the poor availability of spare parts and the inefficiency, Ir cannot carry out repairs on Series 3 devices.

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